Hospital Quirónsalud Bizkaia is a late-generation health center that offers a new private health care model in the Basque country. It has more than 40 medical-surgical specialties and a team of over 200 medical doctors who, combined with expertise acquired by the Group during its 60+ years of history, make this facility a leader in private Basque health care.

The center was designed to ensure maximum patient and family comfort and to facilitate flow through the various health care routes. The hospital complex is composed of two buildings that have a total of 20,500 square meters devoted to health care. Both have large windows to provide views of the natural surroundings around the facility and to allow unhindered source of natural light toward the interior. The main building houses most areas used by patients, which are located in the most well-lit spaces, with all outdoor-facing rooms and large windows. The waiting rooms for outpatient visits are in areas that are naturally lit by outdoor patios to create clean, functional, and comfortable spaces. The area is connected by an underground corridor to another smaller building that houses the nuclear medicine area, oncological day hospital, radiotherapy, administrative area, auditorium, and library.

Pioneer center

The various multidisciplinary areas of the hospital include the Neonatology Unit, which has the first neonatal intensive care unit outside the public health system in the Basque Autonomous Community. The area is further proof of Hospital Quirónsalud Bizkaia's firm commitment to become a standard-of-care facility for births in the private network, with birthing and newborn care.

Also noteworthy is the area of women's medicine, which has a full range of gynecology, obstetrics and assisted reproduction services and which has special units for the treatment of female disorders plus an obstetrics area that coordinates with the neonatology unit.
Oncology is another of the specialties that has been strongly emphasized at Quirónsalud Bizkaia. It has more than 1,000 m2 for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and is a leading facility for this specialty in both Euskadi and the surrounding provinces.

Quirónsalud Bizkaia is a new private health model for the Basque country and represents a total investment of 80 million euros, of which more than 15 million were spent on technology and equipment. The facility has also created 350 new job positions.

The main building has a spoke-like structure and is composed of 3 individual units connected to a main communication center. The main entrance to the hospital is located in the vestibule of this building. The ground floor contains the pediatric area with its respective emergency room on one side and the blood-draw and allergology areas on the other. The middle wing holds the cafeteria and the chapel, along with the diagnostic imaging area at the back with its respective outpatient rooms and traumatology rooms.

The first and second floors have several areas for outpatient visits as well as hospital rooms (all single rooms) and suites designed and decorated to enhance personalized, high-quality, well-differentiated health care. Hospital Quirónsalud Bizkaia offers its patients excellent accommodations and cuisine. The second floor contains the adult ICU, neonatal ICU, maternity area, and sterilization area.

The third floor houses the surgical area, day hospital, 7 operating rooms, preanesthesia area and 7 postanesthesia resuscitation beds, as well as an endoscopy room and a birthing area with 4 labor rooms and 2 delivery rooms.

The lower level of the main building houses the machine room, dressing rooms, dining hall, staff break rooms, laundry, morgue, computer center, kitchen, and supply warehouse. This floor also houses the pharmacy, laboratory, rehabilitation gym, and underground parking.

The second building also contains the auditorium and library, plus hospital management and administration. The underground floors of this building contain the oncology unit, composed of a radiotherapy area, another for nuclear medicine and the oncological day hospital, in addition to outpatient offices for several other specialties.

Structural and technological facilities at Hospital Quirónsalud Bizkaia:

  • 20,500 m2 of floor space for health care
  • 110 single rooms
  • 96 general rooms (including 12 suites)
  • 8 obstetric wards
  • 6 pediatric wards
  • Surgical day hospital (10 beds)
  • Oncological day hospital (7 beds)
  • Adult ICU (7 beds)
  • Neonatal ICU (8 beds)
  • Adult emergency room
  • Pediatric emergency room
  • 7 operating rooms
  • 2 delivery rooms
  • 4 labor rooms
  • Nursery (neonatal area)
  • Endoscopy room
  • Clinical laboratory
  • Anatomical pathology laboratory
  • Assisted reproduction laboratory
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Interventional cardiology room
  • Transfusion unit
  • 50 outpatient rooms
  • Rehabilitation gym
  • Electronic medical records
  • Imaging PACS (picture archiving and communication system)
  • 400 parking spots
  • Auditorium