Quirónsalud A Coruña Hospital is a medical surgical health center at the forefront of medical technology in Galicia, regarding both the diagnostics and treatment of several illnesses. Founded in 1970, it is the most advanced center in the Galician community for a number of specific medical and surgical specialities, while also offering a wide range of healthcare to several neighboring areas.

Our goal is to become consolidated as the main landmark for private healthcare in Galicia, working with the finest professionals, the latest technology, and patient accommodation of the very best quality, so as to have a hospital that integrates teaching and research within healthcare.

Purchased by Quirónsalud Hospital Group in 1998, our center is approved by the ISO 9001:2008 certification for the areas of hemodialysis, ICU, medical rehabilitation and medical imaging, among others.

Quirónsalud A Coruña Hospital runs two health centers in the city of La Coruña: Instituto Oftalmológico Quirónsalud A Coruña, offering medical-surgical health care for eye pathologies of every kind, and Centro de Especialidades Médicas Quirónsalud A Coruña next to Riazor football stadium, for general practice, medical specialities and sports medicine. It also has a center for medical appointments and clinical analyses in the city of Ferrol, Centro Médico Quirónsalud A Coruña.


Outpatient practices:

Our center has a number of outpatient practices for practically all specialities, both in the hospital proper and the peripheral centers in town and in the surrounding area, Centro de Especialidades Médicas Quirónsalud A Coruña, Instituto Oftalmológico Quirónsalud A Coruña, and Centro Médico Quirónsalud Ferrol.

Quirónsalud A Coruña Hospital offers customers the possibility of arranging a visit and obtaining information by telephone, from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 8:30 PM without interruption:

  • Except for appointments with: 981 21 98 00 / 900 301 013
  • Grupo Ron Gynecology: 981 21 98 30 / 900 301 013
  • Centro Médico Quirónsalud Ferrol: 981 36 98 70 / 900 301 013

If you are an international patient and are interested in accessing the services offered by Quirónsalud A Coruña Hospital, you must send the following information to juan.delorenzo@quironsalud.esEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana nueva so that we can arrange your first appointment or help you:

· Given name(s):

· Family name(s):

· Nationality:

· Gender:

· E-mail address:

· What kind of treatment is required (cardiac surgery, plastic surgery, etc.)

· International Insurance details, way of payment.

· Additional details:Age, case history of your current illness, what you need to know (pricing, estimate budget information about specialists, etc.).

Once you send the information, our International Help Desk will contact you to clarify any doubts you may have: whether or not there are places available at the hospital and the clinical test results you should bring with you prior to your first consultation.
We would like to thank you for relaying on us.

International Desk (English): Tel.: (+34) 981 21 98 00 / 900 301 013


Quirónsalud A Coruña Hospital
C/Londres, 2 (Peñarredonda)
15009 La Coruña
Tel. (+34)981 21 98 00 / 900 301 013

Instituto Oftalmológico Quirónsalud A Coruña
Paseo Maritimo 1 (junto a la Domus)
15002 La Coruña
Tel. (+34)981 21 98 77 / 900 301 013

Centro de Especialidades Médicas Quirónsalud A Coruña
C/ Manuel Murguía s/n (Estadio de Riazor)
15004 La Coruña
Tel. (+34)981 06 56 00 / 900 301 013

Centro Médico Quirónsalud Ferrol
C/ Coruña, 19 Bajo.
15402 Ferrol
Tel. (+34)981 36 98 70 / 900 301 013