A solidarity evening event was held in Marbella in support of the Spanish Association against Cancer. The local non-government organisation held last night its traditional Gala Dinner at Finca de la Concepción. The charity event, which has been held in the city every summer for many years, was the meeting point for outstanding personalities and prominent representatives of the business and social networks of the Costa del Sol. This year’s event hosted the first edition of The Fighter Awards, which was given to Terelu Campos for her work in normalising and giving visibility to cancer.

gala_asociacion_española_cancer_quironsalud_mesagala_asociacion_española_cancer_quironsalud_mesaOne more year, Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital participated in the event sharing its exceptional team of medical professionals who are living proof to the hospital’s commitment in the fight and scientific research against cancer. Amongst them, a special mention needs to be made to names such as Dr Jorge Contreras and Dr Cristina Quero, the Head Oncologist of the medical projects of the Comprehensive Oncology Centre of the Eastern Coast (Quirónsalud Malaga, Marbella and Campo de Gibraltar); Dr Isabel María Blanco, the Head of the Breast Unit at Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital; Dr Miguel Ángel Arráez, the Head of the Neurosurgery Unit at Quirónsalud Malaga and Marbella Hospitals and Dr Miguel Calderón, Subdirector of Operations at Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital.

"The work of the Spanish Association against Cancer in the city is essential. Thanks to the number of volunteers we have, cancer patients can have an exceptional level of support that complements our work in the hospitals. This event is very significant for us, especially this year, as we have opened the Comprehensive Oncology Centre of the Eastern Coast, an ambitious project which places our QuirónSalud hospitals at the forefront of the fight against cancer", highlighted Doctor Jorge Contreras.

Comprehensive Oncology Centre

The Comprehensive Oncology Centre occupies the entire ground floor of the Quirónsalud Malaga Day Hospital. It is equipped with the most advanced technology in the region. Its facilities provide the space for the Medical Oncology Unit and the Radiotherapy Unit with a latest-generation LINAC (Linear Accelerator) and for the Nuclear Medicine Unit with a SPECT and a PET-CT, two pieces of equipment that have turned the centre into one of the best technologically-equipped medical centres of the Andalusian region.

The Comprehensive Oncology Centre was created to assist patients of the Eastern Coast of Andalusia (Quirónsalud Malaga, Marbella and Campo de Gibraltar) in support of the specialist medical and diagnostic centres situated in Fuengirola and Algeciras. The medical team led by Doctor Jorge Contreras is integrated by renowned specialists, radiotherapy oncologists, radiophysicists and medical oncologists from various parts of the country, as well as nursing staff making up an excellent multidisciplinary group assisting all patients of the Malaga area with the highest level of quality, expertise, technology and comfort as well as proving to be an optimum source of knowledge in the educational and research areas.

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