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    Obesity Treatment Center of Excellence

    Everything you need to achieve your goals, all in one center: a multidisciplinary team, the most advanced surgical techniques, and state-of-the-art technology for treating obesity
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    You and your case are unique. Your treatment should be too

    An expert team will evaluate your case using a multidisciplinary approach to counsel you, support you, and offer you the safest and most effective surgical treatment for your situation
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    Your health deserves the care of internationally prestigious experts

    Led by doctor Salvador Morales Conde, Chief of the General and Gastrointestinal Surgery Department at Quirónsalud Sagrado Corazón Hospital, President of the Spanish Association of Surgeons (AEC) and of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery (EAES)
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    Safety of a hospital environment

    All our interventions are performed laparoscopically and within the hospital setting, allowing us to guarantee the utmost quality and safety in all procedures


  • We don't just inherit genes associated with obesity and overweight, but also eating habits
  • A sedentary lifestyle, fast food, diets with a surplus of calories, consumption of hyper-caloric beverages, and more are all risk factors for obesity
  • Some medical problems and medications can cause weight gain. If this is not balanced out with diet and physical activity, it can lead to obesity
  • Social class and environment, acquired eating habits, education level, and more can all impact the predisposition for obesity
  • The risk of suffering from obesity increases with age due to hormonal changes and living a less active lifestyle
  • External factors that affect mood and well-being can also contribute to obesity. People who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression or unhappiness often eat in excess
  • Problems with losing weight following pregnancy, stopping smoking, lack of sleep, uncontrolled yo-yo dieting, etc. are other commons causes of obesity


  • Mariana Fretes, 39 años (Badajoz)

    "Cuando me lo plantearon pensé que iba a ser mucho más difícil. Mi vida ha cambiado 100%.

    Yo de lo único que me arrepiento es de no haberlo hecho antes"

    Cirugía Bariátrica

  • Eusebio Váquez, 35 años (Sevilla)

    "El día de la operación, cuando entras por la puerta, vuelves a nacer. Es una vida nueva"
    Gastrectomía vertical

  • Angel Salas, 60 años (Madrid)

    "He perdido 25 kilos, pero no solo es el peso, yo tenía problemas de hipertensión y problemas cardiacos.
    Hay que perder el miedo a ir al médico, así van a obtener los mismos resultados que yo, o mejores"
    Tratamiento integral sin cirugía