Felipe del Valle Pascual

Position: Coordinator of the Nutrition Unit
Medical speciality: Nutrition and Dietetics

Bachelor's degree in Food Science and Technology from the University of Granada and a diploma certificate in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Pamplona; he is one of the leading names in nutrition in the country. Felipe del Valle is a regular participant in talks, round tables, studies, and conferences in both the sports nutrition field and the nutrition for obesity treatment field. Holds a master's degree in Nutritional Genomics.

  • Professional experience:

    • Coordinator of Nutrition for Sevilla F.C S.A.D. Seville.
    • Coordinator of the Nutrition Unit at the Quirónsalud Hospitals in Seville.
    • Co-founder of ObeMetS (Quirónsalud Sagrado Corazón Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Unit).
    • Team nutritionist at SocialGym. Seville.
  • Membership in Scientific Societies

    • Member of SAMEDE (Andalusian Society of Sports Medicine).
    • Member of CODINAN (Professional Association of Dietitians-Nutritionists of Andalusia).
    • Member and coordinator of SENUDE (Spanish Society of Sports Nutrition).
    • Member of ADNEFE (Association of Dietitians-Nutritionists for Spanish Football Teams).
  • Talks, teaching activity and research

    • Round table. Importance of Nutritionists in Sports Performance. Mundo Deportivo. Barcelona.
    • Talk: Nutritional Aspects Affecting Psoriasis. Hospital Valme (Seville).
    • ISENC - International Sport & Exercise Nutrition Conference 2016.
    • Manager - Intern tutorfor students at the Universities of Granada, UCAM (Murcia), and Pablo de Olavide (Seville) in Seville F.C. Seville.
    • Training sessions in Health, Nutrition, and Sports for children at Antonio Puerta School. Seville.
    • Chapter titled "El entrenamiento invisible: La Alimentación" for the book "A 42 km de la felicidad." Author: José María Gallego. Publisher: Alienta Editorial.
    • Talk "Salidas profesionales para alumnos universitarios de Nutrición Humana y Dietética." University of Granada.
    • Presentation at the Sports Psychology Conference "Comemos como somos: Personalidad, Nutrición y Deporte." Pablo de Olavide University (UPO). Seville.
  • Other information of interest: Courses and training

    • Sports Nutrition International Conference. Barça Innovation Hub. Barcelona.
    • Course on Nutritional Approach to Bariatric Surgery. Spanish Academy Foundation of Nutrition and Dietetics. Madrid.
    • Course on Science, Physical Activity, and Sports to Prevent Obesity. Madrid.
    • Course on Nutrition, Genes, and Health. University of Navarre (Miriada X).
    • Course on Supplementation and Ergogenic Aids. University of Murcia (Mooc).
    • Course on Nutritional Genomics for Nutrition Professionals. Nutritional Genomics Institute.
    • XXV Anniversary of National Conference on Sports Medicine. Andalusian Society of Sports Medicine (SAMEDE).
    • Course on Advances in Sports Nutrition. Andalusian Society of Sports Medicine (SAMEDE). University of Granada. Granada.
    • Level I Anthropometrist Accreditation from ISAK. Granada.
    • Creation of formulas for foods with modified textures aimed at different sports performance goals for the EAT NUTRITION project. UCA University of Cádiz.
    • Creation of the Sports Nutrition Module for Dietowin Diet Software.
    • Collaboration on various media projects related to Nutrition and Health (El confidencial, TELVA, Canal Sur, Diario 20 Minutos, Diario de Sevilla, El Correo de Andalucía, EFE Salud, Diario Medico, Cadena COPE, TVE, Aquí Sevilla Magazine, AltoRendimiento.com).