The Ron Team Reproduction Institute - Quirónsalud A Coruña Hospital comprises of a consultation area, an operating theatre and a separate Lab area, divided into two rooms, Andrology and Embryology.

The Reproduction Lab is equipped with the latest technology, not only equipment but also in the architectural and environmental quality, with a quality system protocolised with thorough checks of the entire process. Three expert embryologists ensure that the lab is in the best conditions to obtain the best results.

The architectural structure allows the control and maintenance of the environmental conditions of the lab to be done externally, similar to refilling of gases and liquid nitrogen. The entire lab is air-conditioned, maintaining a constant temperature and humidity.

We are equipped with:

CO2 incubators with reduced oxygen

Embryoscope Incubator, which enables the embryo to be observed in real time, since the egg is fertilised until the embryo is transferred to the uterus. With this embryoscope we do not have to remove the embryos from the incubator to see them under another microscope and observe their evolution as was the case until now; this avoids subjecting them to stress conditions caused by differences in temperature, pH variations or exposure to light, factors that affect and reduce the embryo quality.

Micro-nozzle with polarised light system (OOSIGHT)

Laminar flow hood with temperature control.

CODA Tower for the filtration of volatile compounds.

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