Patients may be accompanied round the clock by one person who will be able to stay in the patient’s room overnight. There are no limitations on visitors except for restrictions due to clinical reasons. Many of the medical and nursing activities take place in the morning so your friends and relatives will find it is more convenient to visit in the afternoon and evening.

Do not forget that excessively long or frequent visits may tire you out. Please remember at all times that you are in a hospital:

• Try to limit the number of persons accompanying each patient.

• Avoid loud conversations or loitering in corridors.

• Respect others’ need to rest.

Generally speaking, visits by children under 12 years of age are not recommended. You must understand that a hospital is not a suitable place for a child and could be detrimental to his or her health.

Accommodation for relatives and persons accompanying you

If your relatives or other persons accompanying you require accommodation, there are a number of hotels close to the hospital. For example:

• The Westin Valencia. Located 5 minutes from the hospital by car and 10 minutes on foot.

• Valencia Palace. Located 5 minutes from the hospital by car and 15 minutes on foot.

• Hotel Vincci Palace. 10 minutes by car from the hospital, this hotel is in the town centre.

Special rates have been arranged with some of these hotels. If you would like more information, please contact the hospital. Furthermore, through the hospital we can also arrange your booking and facilitate transfers to the hotel.