Solicita información acerca de la cirugía de cáncer de colon

The surgical technique of choice for colon cancer is laparoscopic colectomy because its results have been shown to be oncologically similar to open surgery but providing all the advantages of a minimally invasive approach such as a lower number of transfusions, infections and hernias, shorter hospital stays and better aesthetic results. Laparoscopic resection is performed in the same way as conventional surgery, but instead of an incision that occupies the entire abdomen, only four or five incisions smaller than one centimeter and a small incision smaller than four centimeters are used to remove the tumor.

The success rate of laparoscopy or minimally invasive technique in colon or rectal cancer surgery is very high, over 80%. However, it requires a very thorough training and education. Currently, surgery must be performed by surgeons with special dedication to the same, known as coloproctologists or colorectal surgeons, since only high specialization has proved to be a fundamental factor when it comes to obtaining good oncological results.

Thanks to this technique, the quality of life of patients operated on for colon neoplasia has reached very high quotas, being able to lead an almost normal life, very similar to the one they had before the operation. Except for patients in whom the entire colon or rectum is removed, the intestinal rhythm is recovered almost completely. In addition, patients who will require a colostomy bag will be less than 20%.

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