Solicita información sobre los tumores gastrointestinales

  • Colorectal cancer: it is the most frequently diagnosed type in Spain. It is recommended to start the tests for an early diagnosis at 50 years.
  • Gastric and gastro-esophageal junction cancer: the most frequent gastric tumor is adenocarcinoma, which represents more than 95% of all of them. Among the risk factors for this, stand out the consumption of fish with nitrates, salted or smoked, the presence of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori in the stomach or the use of tobacco. The diagnosis of these tumors is made, in most cases, by the use of digestive endoscopy.
  • Esophageal cancer: This is a rare tumor, less than 1% of all tumors diagnosed. Even so, more than 2000 Spaniards will be diagnosed annually for esophageal cancer. Tobacco, alcohol intake, the habit of consuming very hot foods or beverages, gastrointestinal reflux, obesity and a history of radiotherapy may be risk factors.
  • Pancreatic cancer: it is one of the least frequent cancers but with the highest mortality rate. About 10% of cases of pancreatic cancer are related to genetic alterations. Some of the risk factors are smoking, a history of recurrent pancreatitis and obesity.