Consulta con la Unidad de Oncología Médica de Torrevieja

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The Oncology Platform - Fundación TEDECA, was founded in 2000 at the current Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja, formerly Hospital San Jaime, with a radically innovative concept of assistance to the cancer patient. This model anticipates the needs of modern Oncology and has the mission of integrating all cancer specialists into a flexible,open and horizontal structure that allows patients to be treated more efficiently and in less time.To this end, the structural barriers existing in traditional Hospitals (Departments, Services, Committees, Units and Areas) are ignored and the incorporation of all actions into a project focused on the patient's needs is simplified. The Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja is one of the best private hospitals in Spain, with a technological endowment of excellence, and a clear orientation in its services to the international patient ─ half of its patients are foreigners ─.

Innovative healthcare model

The Oncology Platform offers a new model of assistance that is more agile and efficient than the traditional one and which is the result of the merger of three priority objectives:

  • The integration of assistance
  • The central place, occupied by the patient
  • Collaboration with the healthcare environment to adjust the diagnostic and therapeutic plan in the best possible way.

At the time of its creation, a decided and bold commitment was made to the highest quality, choosing a new hospital because it provided organizational and, above all, professional advantages. This model has made it possible to overcome organizational difficulties, especially in the assumption of competencies, by launching new initiatives, found in the traditional models that make up the European Cancer Institutes and the modern North American Cancer Centers.

Although today multidisciplinary is a widely accepted goal, the model provided by the Oncology Platform is a unique international reference, and we must consider that many units and centers that pursue a certain resemblance to us have been forced to make changes because it is of a structure that is difficult to implement. The healthcare and health values provided by the model developed by the Oncology Platform lead to a level of quality that is hardly comparable.


Oncology Platform
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