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Facial Treatments.

  • Vistabel, Bocouture, Azzalure: Botulin toxin is a purified natural protein that is applied in very low doses to areas where there are facial expression wrinkles (frown lines, forehead, eye contours, etc.), producing a relaxation of the muscle where it is injected. The result is a disappearance of expression wrinkles, while maintaining a natural facial expression.
  • Facial Fillers: These are used to correct furrows, such as the nasolabial furrow and wrinkles in the periorbital area ("crow’s feet" and frown line), the mouth periphery area ("bar code") or to give volume to certain areas of the face, such as a the lips or the cheekbones, achieving a natural appearance with a simple application.
  • Facial Mesotherapy: This is a technique for the administration of vitamin, aminoacid, mineral and hyaluronic acid complexes using intradermal micro-injections, at very low doses, to achieve a rejuvenating effect in the short term, increasing skin tone, recovering the vitality of the tissues, and softening wrinkles by stimulating conjunctive tissue.
  • Platelet Biostimulation: This consists of taking the patient’s own blood and extracting its growth factors from the platelets. This treatment, therefore, improves elasticity and wrinkles using microinjections of growth factors, which stimulate the creation of collagen, counteracting the signs of aging, improving elasticity and softening wrinkles.
  • Peelings: Indicated for oily, seborrhoea-prone, acne-prone or aged skin that presents texture irregularities. It improves imperfections in skin tone, as well as its appearance and elasticity. This is an authentic rejuvenation treatment that must be applied under medical supervision. It is used, in particular, for the treatment of acne and its lesions, superficial skin spots, melasma and minor scars.
  • Ellipse: A light source with different properties to those of other methods, such as laser. IPL is a non-aggressive treatment, therefore, several sessions can be carried out. This way. The tone and texture of the skin can be gradually improved, eliminating spots, redness, dilated pores and fine wrinkles.
  • Active Fx and Deep Fx Laser: Laser treatment or resurfacing of wrinkles is an innovative technique that allows us to completely eliminate mild or moderate wrinkles, and significantly improve the appearance of deeper ones. The major advantage of this innovative laser is that the treatment can be performed on a patient with local anaesthesia in only one hour and a half, allowing the patient to return to his or her daily life in five days. With this treatment, we obtain a significant improvement in skin tone, elasticity and wrinkles.
  • Photomodulation: Used in combination with LED Photodynamic Therapy, it creates an ideal-temperature environment to boost the creation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The epidermis recovers elasticity, pores close and retract, obtaining a significant improvement in light-damaged skin. It can be applied to the whole of the face, the décolletage or the hands.
  • Facial Tightening with Radiofrequency: This is a technique that applies energy to the surface of the dermis, using deep, controlled heating to stimulate the skin and the subcutaneous cellular tissue. The immediate effect of its application is the retraction of collagen, gradually achieving the restructuring of deep collagen. The new fibres created substitute the old ones, making tissues more elastic and the skin smoother, thus causing an evident reduction of wrinkles and flaccidity.
  • Virtual Mesotherapy: This is carried out using modern appliances and techniques, without the need to use the annoying needles, and thus manages to introduce numerous active principles, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C or aminoacid cocktails, which help maintain the balance of our skin.

Body Treatments.

  • Body Tightening Radiofrequency: This is a technique that applies energy to the surface of the dermis, using deep, controlled heating to stimulate the skin and the subcutaneous cellular tissue. The immediate effect of its application is the retraction of collagen, gradually achieving the restructuring of deep collagen.
  • Cavitation: With the cavitation method, we can break localised fatty deposit adipocytes. This creates a transformation of solid fat into a liquid substance (diglyceride), which will be eliminated through the lymphatic system and the urinary ducts.
  • Intralipotherapy-Aqualyx: This is an aqueous and micro-gelatinous substance that can be fully reabsorbed by the body, and does not require an allergy test; it destroys fatty cells. The product is injected directly into the fatty tissue, and does not require anaesthesia. Afterwards, we apply ultrasound to the skin (cavitation technique) to disintegrate the fatty cells. This treatment is indicated for the non-surgical reduction of fatty deposits located on the abdomen, sides, thoracic fold, hips, internal thighs and subgluteus, inner knees, arms and underside of the chin.
  • Carboxitherapy: This treatment weakens fatty tissue cells due to pressure trauma. Using CO2, the area where it is injected is dilated; the reaction to the carbon dioxide injection provides better oxygenation to the skin layers, which causes an increase in lipolysis. As a result, there is a reduction in the number of fatty cells, and the skin stretches. It is indicated for anti-ageing treatments and in particular for cellulitis reduction.
  • Velashape II: Innovative system that combines four technologies in one treatment: radiofrequency, which stimulates collagen formation; infrared laser, which reduces adiposity; vacuum therapy and massage with rollers, which promotes blood flow and favours lymphatic draining.
  • Cellulaze: An innovative 3D technology that directly attacks the subdermal structure that makes up the base of cellulitis. The Cellulaze laser treatment is carried out under local anaesthesia, and the physician inserts a small cannula under the skin. The lateral-shot Sidelight 3D fibre projects the laser’s thermal energy to the treatment areas in the body, usually the buttocks and thighs.

Laser Hair Removal.

We offer three different types of laser hair removal, to treat each case in the most efficient manner: pulsed light, Alexandrite laser, neodymium Yag laser and Diode laser for hair removal. The removal of hair using laser is a quick and safe hair suppression method that leaves the skin pores and tissues intact. This technique allows for the elimination of hair form all parts of the body. With just a few sessions, we achieve completely effective, long lasting hair removal.

Skin Spots.

  • Facial Analysis using Visia Technology: This equipment takes digital photographs of the face and measures wrinkles, texture, pores, amount of porphyrin, sun damage, etc. These parameters help the specialist with the diagnosis, and also indicate the treatments to perform, as well as allow us to observe the effects of the same.
  • FotoFinder: This polarised light system can make the superficial layers of the skin transparent, in order to analyse different moles and identify different risk characteristics, even in very young people, as well as take photographs of the same to follow up on them with digital control.
  • Laser Removal of Lesions: The application of different lasers to remove skin spots and tattoos offers the possibility of destroying excessive pigment without damaging the skin. Spots disappear, leaving the skin intact and with a uniform tone. Spots on the face and décolletage disappear in five to seven days. The patient can return to work the next day, covering the treated areas with a layer of makeup.
  • Photodynamic Therapy: Some skin lesions require a type of technology different from laser for their removal, due to their pathological origin. This type of lesion can also be eliminated cosmetically with no discomfort for the patient by using Photodynamic Therapy. The Rejuvalight® DLT photodynamic therapy system combines light emission through an LED lamp with the application of a photo-sensitising substance on the skin, which selectively "marks" the cells, in other words, only the cells affected by the pathology, increasing the effects of the treatment on these lesions.

Botulin toxin is a non-surgical alternative that interrupts the hyperactivity of the sweat glands. It is a safe process with proven efficiency, which improves the quality of life of patients. It is applied through small injections, after local anaesthesia, and can be applied to the palms of the hands, the bottom of the feet and the armpits. The effects can last between 4 months and 1 year, depending on the area and the specific characteristics of each patient.

Tattoo Removal.

Getting a tattoo is as common as having it removed, whether it is due to work or social reasons. Years ago, tattoos were removed using aggressive methods, such as dermal abrasion, which, as it was not a specific procedure, caused scars on the skin. Currently, the laser technology achieves good results with tattoo removal and does not damage the skin.