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The Quirónsalud Valencia Hospital has a unit specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. This unit is at the most advanced level in Spain and equipped with the latest technology to address breast pathology, both benign and malignant. The unit is integrated by specialists in surgery, oncology, diagnostic imaging, pathology and plastic and reconstructive surgery, all specialized in the field of senology and is also equipped with the most modern and leading diagnostic technology currently available.

In our unit, the woman are received, valued, diagnosed, informed and treated in the same functional unit, without having to resort to different centers or services that are not connected to each other. We also offer a diagnostic immediacy and human closeness, with the aim of minimizing as much as possible the anguish of uncertainty when a woman feels or suspects a breast lesion

Thanks to the attention of a multidisciplinary team we can take care of each patient in a global manner and define a specific therapeutic program for each of them and guide very different therapies, so it is very important that the initial assessment of the decision and the therapeutic organization is taken by a group of specialists in which the best in each of the areas are involved to successfully undertake the treatment.

Breast surgery

The surgical treatment of breast cancer comprises the action at two levels: the breast and the armpit. In the first case, it has been shown for years that the risk of relapse was practically the same if the entire breast was removed, than if the tumor was removed safely and then radiotherapy was administered. At Quirónsalud Valencia Hospital, we advocate the most conservative surgery: we remove the tumor with a margin of safety. To do this, we apply techniques and accesses that leave scars in less visible areas, while the breast tissue is mobilized so that the modification of the breast is minimal.

Another technique applied and that is highly effective is the so-called sentinel node. Thanks to this technique we avoid removing the armpit nodes that are not affected and we prevent the side effects of this surgery, such as infections, swelling or anesthesia of the inner part of the arm.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer

This unit is equipped with a tomography microscope, one of the most advanced on the market, which technology allows to evaluate the breast volumetrically, in 3D, and obtain millimeter cuts that favor a much more precise study of the gland, since it eliminates superposition of normal structures that can hide the existence of a tumor. It has been shown that tomosynthesis is able to detect up to 30% more breast cancers