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The back is a crucial part of the locomotor system that has two primary functions: a mechanical one, which consists of maintaining and transmitting the weight of the head, upper extremities and trunk towards the legs; and a second, neurological one, by which the spinal cord and nerves that go to the pelvis and legs are protected.

As the years go by and due to the natural process of aging, the structure and bone strength that make up the spine tends to decrease. As a result, the discs begin to lose fluid and flexibility, which reduces their ability to cushion the vertebrae and increases the risk of experiencing back pain.

Another important cause are accidents of all kinds, whether they are traffic accidents, sports injuries and falls, among others of a fortuitous nature. To a lesser extent, we can mention tumors, primary or metastatic, and ailments related to infections that affect the spine.

In the Column Unit of Quirónsalud Valencia Hospital, we perform the most modern and least invasive techniques, ranging from the treatment of pain through infiltrations to more complex surgeries such as scoliosis or tumor. The Unit is committed to the use of mini-invasive techniques, as well as spinal endoscopy. With regard to degenerative conditions of the spine, in the unit we are a reference in the use and development of dynamic spine systems, which greatly reduces the aggressiveness and long-term complications of the intervention.

The use of dynamic spinal systems helps prevent one of the most frequent complications in spinal surgery, known as the adjacent syndrome. This consists of the degeneration of the spine that affects 50% of the patients operated on with the classic techniques within a period of five years and which involves the reoperation of the patient in one of every five cases. This technique favors that the union between the operated area and the healthy one is more elastic, which allows a progressive transition of loads in the column and allows a better quality of life over time to the patients operated in the spine.

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