The Reconstructive and Repairing Surgery has a double purpose: to recover the lost or absent form of the area to be treated and also to return the lost functionality. Since the beginning of the 20th century, plastic surgery and later aesthetics have been evolving to treat most major or minor defects, of birth or as a result of accidents, burns or cancer. It is a surgery applied in different structures such as skin, muscles, nerves or bones that restore harmony and use of the area.

The techniques, the areas and the diagnoses are so ample, that it is best if we can see you in consultation.

  • Microsurgery: reparative surgery allows, among other things, to reanimate a facial paralysis, the complex reconstruction of extremities, or to reconstruct the breast with its own tissue. This is thanks to the amplification with a microscope, which allows to repair arteries, veins, lymph vessels and nerves and move large amounts of tissues to other parts of the body.
  • Head and neck surgery: in addition to the resuscitation of facial paralysis mentioned above, reconstructive surgery treats sequelae of trauma, tumors, scars and burns in the facial and cranial area.
  • Surgery of lower or upper limb: from Quirónsalud Valencia, we can help you to treat osteomyelitis and functional alterations, as well as the sequelae of trauma or tumors in any of the lower or upper limbs of the body
  • Breast Surgery: The reconstruction of the breast after a mastectomy is one of the techniques of reconstructive and reparative surgery most demanded and that offers the best results to the patient. It can be done with prostheses but also with tissue from the patient.
  • Removal and reconstruction of tumors or for the treatment of chronic ulcers
  • Treatment of tumor sequelae, trauma and radiotherapy