The injuries in the hand and general in the upper limb, will cause us a series of functional disorders that will affect our daily life, both socially and at work and/or sports.

After a surgical intervention for this type of injuries, an inadequate rehabilitation can condition that the final result is not the expected one.

The current arthroscopic techniques of the hand, wrist and elbow, as well as the endoscopic treatment of nerve compression syndromes, have conditioned the functional recovery treatments to be more and more specific.

Therefore, in the Service of Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Limb of Quirónsalud Valencia we offer:

  • A detailed functional assessment by the rehabilitation doctor, who will make a personalized treatment proposal for each type of specific injury.
  • Performing individualized rehabilitation sessions with the help of a qualified physiotherapist in order to reduce recovery times as much as possible and achieve the greatest possible functionality.

The Service is directed by Dr. Eva Guisasola Lerma , a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, who guides the indication and performs an exhaustive monitoring of each of the treatments.