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Frequently asked questions

Is HBP a type of cancer?
No, HBP is the benign growth of the prostate.

Should I remain hospitalized after the intervention?
Normally it is not necessary, but it depends on the state of each individual.

Can prostate laser treatment affect sexual function?
More than 99% of patients treated with green laser have NOT experienced any form of erectile dysfunction after treatment. If you are a sexually active person, you will continue to be so.

How long will it take until the symptoms improve?
Most patients experience rapid relief of symptoms and an increase in urinary flow within 24 hours after treatment. However, the clinical history, health status and other factors influence treatment and recovery.

Will I have to continue to be medicated against BPH after prostate laser treatment?
As with any treatment, you should ask your doctor what is the most appropriate protocol for you. However, most patients discontinue the medication for BPH after treatment.

How long will I recover normalcy in my life?
Most patients resume their activities in a couple of days. The most strenuous activities can be resumed within a period of two weeks. Your urologist will study your particular situation during the consultation.

What are the symptoms of a HBP?
Frequent urination, especially at night (nicturria).
Low urine flow (decreased urine flow).
Sudden and urgent need to urinate.
Difficulties when starting urination.
Inability to completely evacuate the bladder.
The urge to urinate
Pain or stinging during urination.

What is prostate laser surgery?
Green laser surgery is a minimally invasive procedure with a small fiber that is introduced into the urethra by means of a cystoscope. The fiber delivers high-powered laser energy that quickly heats the prostate tissue, vaporizes it, and does not cause bleeding. After the intervention, normal urinary flow quickly recovers and symptoms are relieved. The result is a clear urinary conduit for the passage of urine, safer and with fewer side effects and hospitalization time.