This advanced incubation system uses sophisticated imaging procedures that allow us to see how embryos fertilized in the IVF lab progress—from the very moment of fertilization until they are transferred to the uterus—without having to remove the embryos from the incubator to check them.

What does it involve?

This sophisticated laboratory equipment brings together an incubator, microscope, and camera.

We feature the most advanced time-lapse systems available, making it possible to obtain images of embryos at regular intervals throughout their development, which is to say, from the moment of fertilization until embryo transfer, thus creating a video from the "beginning of life."

This enables embryo incubation in ideal conditions without having to remove them from the incubator for observation, therefore preventing changes in conditions and giving us constant information on the embryo's development in terms of its morphology and change over time.

When is it recommended?

For all types of patients who undergo an assisted reproductive treatment.

How effective is it?

This technology can help increase the chances of achieving pregnancy, as it avoids handling of the embryo outside of the incubator.