Quiero conservar mis óvulos para el futuroQuiero conservar mis óvulos para el futuro

In recent years, an increasing number of women have decided to preserve their eggs because the time isn't right for them to have children.

There are many reasons which may lead a woman to decide to vitrify her oocytes and delay pregnancy, such as beginning cancer treatment, reasons related to her career, lack of a partner, social concerns, etc.

A woman's fertility declines considerably after age 35, which is why it is recommended that egg freezing take place before she reaches 36, as women under 36 still produce a high number of quality eggs.

This is an important decision, which is why our goal is to support you and stay with you as you embark on this journey, making the process as easy and satisfactory as possible.

Thanks to our advanced egg-vitrification technique, we can help you preserve your eggs, helping you get pregnant sometime down the road.

This all happens in a hospital setting, where you will feel secure knowing that you are surrounded by expert doctors from all medical specialties and in an institution that offers all safety guarantees.