From the moment you first step foot in any of our units or institutes for assisted reproduction, you will have a comprehensive team at your disposal to help you reach your goal. These staff include physicians, embryologists, geneticists, psychologists, and nurses and auxiliary nurses.

TecnicasTecnicas1. Comprehensive diagnosis
For us it is important to have personal, individualized contact with our patients, as this way of working allows us to adapt our study to each patient's personal needs. This is why we work under a number of protocols that enable us to provide men and women with exhaustive diagnoses that have minimal wait times and are as simple as possible.

TratamientosTratamientos2. Choosing the most appropriate assisted reproductive technique(s)
Once your study has been completed, will will provide you with a series of treatment options, choosing the technique or combination of techniques that we believe are the best fit for your case.

ServiciosServicios3. Psychological care and personalized patient experience
Aside from assessing and treating the physiological aspects of each treatment, we at Quirónsalud pay especially close attention to the emotional implications involved. We offer personalized psychological treatment so that each person may feel the support and confidence they need to face each phase in the process.