This technique makes it possible to preserve gametes (oocytes and sperm) so that they maintain their biological capacity and viability, thus allowing women to postpone pregnancy with a reasonable level of guarantee.

When is it recommended?

  • For patients who are at risk of loss of ovarian function.
  • In oncology patients (men and women) who must receive radiation or chemotherapy.
  • For women who wish to postpone motherhood.
  • In young patients who have a weak response to ovarian stimulation, vitrification makes it possible to produce an ample number of eggs so that an embryo can be transferred at a later time.

What does it involve?

Fertility preservation techniques available through Quirónsalud:

  • Egg vitrification(link a apartado de vitrificación)
  • Semen cryopreservation

How effective is it?

This technique has a good success rate for certain types of women when a sufficient number of eggs is obtained, among other factors.