Patients with an inherited genetic disease who come to the Genetic Counseling Unit will have a detailed study done to give them guidance on what to expect as they try to have children and on the possibility and benefit of undergoing any of the procedures performed.

We also have a preimplantation genetic diagnosis service. PGD, which is recommended when there is a family history of genetic or chromosomal alterations, studies the DNA of gametes or embryos to select those that meet certain criteria and/or rule out those with certain abnormalities.

When is PGD recommended?

  • In cases of possible chromosomal abnormalities:
    • Advanced maternal age
    • When a biochemistry screening finds an alteration
    • Previous child with a chromosomal abnormality
    • When one of the parents is a carrier of a chromosomal abnormality
    • When a sonogram detects a fetal deformity
    • In cases of intrauterine growth retardation
  • Family history of a molecular genetic disorder