Sterility, or the wish to have children when natural methods do not work, sometimes makes people feel insecure or even enter into a personal crisis. The inability to bear children brings expectations for the future and people's own self-worth into question and strains relations with parents, friends, and coworkers. Few types of crisis are as devastating and challenging to overcome. However, it is common to focus more on the physiological aspects of sterility than its emotional impact. As a result, most people who are infertile tend to suffer in solitude.

Regardless of which particular treatment is given, fertility therapy is nowadays highly satisfactory, and success rates of most treatment approaches are comparable to those of natural pregnancies. However, couples should prepare themselves for the possibility that the treatment will fail.

We at Quirónsalud have professional psychologists who, in addition to offering you the psychological tools necessary to cope with each phase of the process, will remain by your side, giving you a sense of safety and confidence as you make each decision.