Mutual societies and insurance companies

Quirónsalud provides health services to patients insured by different health insurance companies under various agreements, including both health-care plans and expense-reimbursement schemes. The scope of the health coverage provided depends on the particular conditions of each patient’s health insurance policy. In any event, for all services provided at quirónsalud’shospitals and clinics, the relevant authorizations must be provided by the insurance company in accordance with its established policies.

Under various agreements, quirónsalud also provides health services for mutual societies for work accidents and occupational diseases approved by the Spanish social security system. In these cases, either the medical professionals or the mutual society’s case managers agree on the services to be provided by the hospital and refer the insured worker to the appropriate facility.

Quirónsalud also has numerous specific agreements with various types of companies and organizations, including international travel assistance companies, sports accident insurance companies, and companies that self-insure against work accidents.

Other collaborating entities

Quirónsalud has collaboration agreements with major universities and training centers throughout Spain. Under these agreements, quirónsalud provides comprehensive training to students at different levels of the education system. We participate in the training of more than 1,750 students each year. In addition, as part of our corporate social responsibility program, we collaborate with various civil-society organizations and institutions to promote the social integration of groups with special difficulties and engage with our community and society as a whole.