The reason for being of our group is to provide health care at the highest levels of professional, human, and technological quality. This is what has made us the leading provider of private-sector health services in Spain and has given us the thrust to look beyond our borders. The highly qualified and affable staff of the company have helped us consolidate and develop. We provide these employees with common management and information systems wherever they work.

The policy of the human-resources department and the Group as a whole considers our employees to be the most valuable of the company's assets.

Objectives in human resources

The human resources department serves all of the company's staff and pursues a number of short- and medium-term goals:

  • Utilize management by competencies as a fundamental element to support clinical management.
  • Manage personnel in agreement with the company's ethical values and in a transparent and open manner.
  • Make information available through our intranet (e.g., general memos, shared forms, information of common interest, etc.).
  • Consolidate and further a prevention policy, working toward a model of prevention that is scientifically based, comprehensive, integrated, and participatory, because doing so will safeguard our employees' safety and health.
  • Maintain the intranet portal for the prevention of occupational risks. This portal is the point of entry for information on prevention issues (e.g., news, events, management system, procedures, formats, legislation, etc.).
  • Use internal and external benchmarking as an element of in-depth knowledge, analysis, and motivation that can be put to the service of our professionals and help involve them in plans for continuous improvement.
  • Institute a company-wide plan for internal communication.
  • Develop the employee portal in all health centers.
  • Develop our continuous training together with the Office of the Director of Teaching and Research.

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Our employees are the most valuable asset the company has

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