Mujeres del mismo sexoMujeres del mismo sexo

Our assisted reproductive techniques make it possible for women who are in same-sex relationships to become pregnant with embryos that are the result of the other partner's egg being fertilized by a donor's sperm.

Thanks to advanced, personalized techniques and treatments within IVF and artificial insemination and our painstaking donor-selection process, we can help you achieve pregnancy.

It isn't always easy to take the leap and receive fertility treatment. We know what this is like, which is why we will be by your side so that when you make the decision, you can do so safely and with confidence, knowing at all times that you are understood and supported.

We will also schedule subsequent visits and continuous follow-up to ensure that everything goes properly—not only during your treatment, but also during and after delivery.

This all happens in a hospital setting, where you will feel secure knowing that you are surrounded by expert doctors from all medical specialties and in an institution that offers all safety guarantees.